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Neo Ranga

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Альтернативные названия: Nankai Kiou, 南海奇皇[ネオランガ]
Жанры аниме: Mecha
Похожие аниме:
Eureka Seven
Fullmetal Panic


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Информация об эпизодах
Название эпизода CRC Размер
1 Showdown at Tennozu Isle
2 The Paradise Where God Dwells
3 The Deceived Twilight
4 Embraced In A Flash
5 Carnival In The Desert
6 Shrine Shrapnel Shrine
7 The Musashino Festival
8 The Landscape Seen Through Yuuhi`s Eyes
9 Ushio`s First Day
10 The Promise of Yesterday
11 Kita and Minami
12 The Path Minami Chooses
13 Perfect Weather for a Day in Banana City
14 Captured by the Neon Sea
15 Vacation Of Love
16 The Three Shrines of the Heart
17 The Excavated Body
18 Fun in the Sun with a Watermelon
19 When Summer Vacation Ends
20 Just the Two of Us
21 Land of the Living Law
22 Broken Down Since the Days of Old
23 The Hollow King
24 The White Tide
25 The Seeds of Independence in Western Tokyo
26 The Blessed Heart of Evil
27 Battlefield Yearning
28 In the Middle of an Era
29 How to Embarrass the King
30 Courage on Display
31 Working it for the Camera
32 We`re Going LIVE!
33 The Great Osaka Battle (Part A)
34 The Great Osaka Battle (Part B)
35 What Happened to Christmas Eve?
36 Christmas in Crisis
37 One Too Many Greasy Spoons
38 In a World Without Punishment
39 He Who Awakes
40 Tastes Like Chicken
41 Insurrection Time
42 God of a Godless Land
43 Recovering Sacred Ground
44 Sweet Poison
45 Time Lost But Not Forgotten
46 Angels in Vogue
47 Promises and Prophecy
48 In the Paradise of Destitution

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