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Mahou Kishi Rayearth

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Альтернативные названия: Рыцари магии, Magic Knight Rayearth, 魔法騎士(マジックナイト)レイアース
Жанры аниме: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Mecha, Shoujo

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Информация об эпизодах

Название эпизода CRC Размер
1 The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights
2 Master Smith Presea of the Forest of Silence
3 Ferio the Young, Handsome, Mysterious Swordsman
4 Alcyone, the Vengeful Sorceress
5 Escudo, the Legendary Ore
6 Lives at Stake - Presea`s Weapons
7 Ferio in Desperation - A Love in the Desert
8 The Terrifying Trap of Summoner Ascot
9 The Magic Knights` Greatest Crisis
10 The Revival of Selece, the Legendary Mashin
11 The Mashin Legend of Cephiro, Another World
12 Fearsome Illusionist Caldina
13 The Most Valuable Thing in This World
14 Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu`s Unyielding Wish
15 The Second Mashin: Windam, Lord of the Skies
16 A Powerful Foe! Lafarga the Swordmaster
17 The Truth about Inouva, and Return of Memories
18 The Last Mashin: RayEarth, Lord of Fire
19 Showdown! The Magic Knights Versus Zagato
20 The Unbelievable Truth about the Legendary Magic Knights
21 A Departure and New Ties
22 Cephiro and the Three Countries
23 Autozam`s Invasion and Lantis
24 Magic Knights and the Battleship NSX
25 Hikaru and Nova in Her Dreams
26 Magic Knights and Aska of Fahren
27 The Secret of the Pillar of Cephiro
28 Hikaru and Lantis` Dangerous Journey
29 Eagle and the Captured Hikaru
30 Nova and Regalia, Mashin of the Devil
31 Chizeta`s Mobile Fortress, and a Powerless Hikaru
32 Umi/Fuu and Fahren/Chizeta
33 Hikaru`s Wish and Presea`s Secret
34 Hikaru and Friendships Torn Apart
35 Umi and the Ambition of Tarta and Tatra
36 Fuu versus Aska! Life or Death Archery Match
37 Revive, Hikaru`s Sword!
38 Eagle`s All-out Attack on Cephiro Castle
39 Chaotic War at Cephiro Castle
40 Magic Knights and Their Momentary Respite
41 Nova`s Battle, and the Monster`s Identity
42 Giant Sang Yung versus the NSX
43 The Crown Room and the Pillar`s Memory
44 A Serious Match - Umi vs. Tarta & Tatra
45 Cornered! Lantis` Crisis
46 Hikaru Shocked! The Truth About Nova
47 Who Is the True Pillar!? Hikaru, or Eagle!?
48 An Endless Battle
49 The Path to Victory! A Tomorrow that a Believing Heart Opens!
Данное аниме находится в лицензии, и скачать его нельзя.
ENGLISH: This anime is licensed, and was deleted.

Сейчас: 19th September 2020 - 05:01