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Альтернативные названия: Negima 2, Magister Negi Magi Negima!?, Negima remake, Shin Negima!?, Magister Negi Magi Neo, Negima?!, Негима!?, Нэгима!?, ネギま!?
Жанры аниме: Comedy, Magic, Romance, School
Похожие аниме:
Sugar Sugar Rune
Shugo Chara!
Shugo Chara!! Doki

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Информация об эпизодах
Название эпизода CRC Размер
1 Eh! Even If You Suddenly Say I Have 31 People!
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep01.[x264.AAC][92BEFEAC].mkv [ 92BEFEAC] 241.07 мегабайт
2 No Way, You Have to Do This for a Provisional Contract!?
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep02.[x264.AAC][065439E8].mkv [ 065439E8] 240.35 мегабайт
3 Hmm, So That`s How You Make A Provisional Contract Card
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep03.[x264.AAC][F12AC01C].mkv [ F12AC01C] 240.69 мегабайт
4 Teacher... It`s my first...
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep04.[x264.AAC][B82681DF].mkv [ B82681DF] 240.41 мегабайт
5 Security Deposits and Finder`s Fees Are so Expensive in Tokyo,Isn`t What Temporary Pactios Are like?
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep05.[x264.AAC][8BFC985D].mkv [ 8BFC985D] 240.52 мегабайт
6 Forgive me... Would it be Acceptable if it Was on the Forehead or Cheek?
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep06.[x264.AAC][DF43FAD4].mkv [ DF43FAD4] 240.65 мегабайт
7 Umm, it`s okay if you can`t see me, but it`d be better if you could see me
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep07.[x264.AAC][1259A9BC].mkv [ 1259A9BC] 240.59 мегабайт
8 Teacher, Please Turn Us into Grown-ups
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep08.[x264.AAC][7C9DB73A].mkv [ 7C9DB73A] 239.94 мегабайт
9 Hiding Heart in Knife is Read as Shinobi. Writing Serious and Reading it as Maji is Slightly Diff...
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep09.[x264.AAC][B8CA233B].mkv [ B8CA233B] 240.85 мегабайт
10 You hid Negi-sensei from me and took him where? I will never allow such a thing!
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep10.[x264.AAC][AA110475].mkv [ AA110475] 240.6 мегабайт
11 Oh, So a Baron is a Variety of Rose. I Thought It Was a Kind of Potato
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep11.[x264.AAC][26AEEA63].mkv [ 26AEEA63] 240.49 мегабайт
12 Well, After All That Reasoning, It Came Down to a Single Feeling
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep12.[x264.AAC][D01FE9F7].mkv [ D01FE9F7] 240.38 мегабайт
13 It`s More a Matter of Being in Master`s Way Than Being an Enemy
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep13.[x264.AAC][77C2476D].mkv [ 77C2476D] 240.8 мегабайт
14 Scientific Theory is Something that can`t be a Match for Magic, to Say Plainly
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep14.[x264.AAC][6F49D41A].mkv [ 6F49D41A] 235.21 мегабайт
15 There`s a commotion over how to get along in these unexpected circumstances. As in douyou? 15/100
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep15.[x264.AAC][31D04B81].mkv [ 31D04B81] 235.04 мегабайт
16 Yesterday`s enemy is today`s friend. It`s alright if friends quarrel. Well its also good among fa...
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep16.[x264.AAC][6E8144DB].mkv [ 6E8144DB] 236.39 мегабайт
17 Natsumi, family is ultimately the bond of the home run king. I don`t get that at all, Chizu-ne (sob)
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep17.[x264.AAC][F63F0565].mkv [ F63F0565] 240.34 мегабайт
18 Its the guy who wishes by the rose that`s pleased by his secret. Chiu Chiu is also angry - Hmph
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep18.[x264.AAC][B7509FFC].mkv [ B7509FFC] 234.46 мегабайт
19 It`s Great to Return to Youth and Play. But I`ll Play Even if I Don`t Return to Youth.
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep19.[x264.AAC][682B83F9].mkv [ 682B83F9] 233.09 мегабайт
20 They Say that `Big` Means `Tasteless`, but That`s Actually not the Case
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep20.[x264.AAC][42CCC62F].mkv [ 42CCC62F] 240.8 мегабайт
21 Men are Silenced by Ramen, Takamichi. What!?
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep21.[x264.AAC][39B13684].mkv [ 39B13684] 234.64 мегабайт
22 Aiya, for Some Reason, Something Strange is Starting to Occur! I`m Sure that This is the End of t...
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep22.[x264.AAC][34F03A4F].mkv [ 34F03A4F] 238.51 мегабайт
23 Hey Wait, That`s not it, Negi-ku~n. That`s Right, We`re Your Partners!
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep23.[x264.AAC][11410BCA].mkv [ 11410BCA] 240.08 мегабайт
24 Negi-sensei, It Seems Like the Climax. Let`s Go Home With Everyone, Negi-kun!
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep24.[x264.AAC][7505D53C].mkv [ 7505D53C] 240.65 мегабайт
25 And So, Case Closed!?
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep25.[x264.AAC][7FB023CE].mkv [ 7FB023CE] 237.43 мегабайт
26 I Won`t Say that I`ll be Lonely! Because I Believe that Surely We Can Meet Again!
  Arigatou.Negima!.S2.Ep26.[x264.AAC][E4580B50].mkv [ E4580B50] 249.28 мегабайт

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