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Slayers Next

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Альтернативные названия: Рубаки Next, スレイヤーズ NEXT
Жанры аниме: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Magic

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Рейтинг аниме
Рейтинг: [7.38]

Графика:  [7.15] 
  • 7.15
Музыка и звук:  [7.09] 
  • 7.09
Ценность для жанра:  [7.52] 
  • 7.52
Удовольствие от просмотра:  [7.44] 
  • 7.44
Персонажи:  [7.68] 
  • 7.68

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Информация об эпизодах

Название эпизода CRC Размер
1 The Sudden Pinch! The Terror of the Monstrous Zoamelgustar!
2 The Roguish Priest! His Name is Xellos!
3 A Wonderful Business! Being a Bodyguard isn`t Easy!
4 An Ancient Pledge! One Who Seeks Immortality!
5 Staying Behind for the Sake of Love!
6 You Can`t Escape! The Return of the Obsessive Martina!
7 Sudden Cooking! Follow the Phantom Dragon!
8 Be Eternal! The Day Prince Phil Died?
9 Hidden Ambitions! The Shocking Confession?
10 On a Journey With a Pack of Scoundrels?! Take Back That Magic Power!
11 Voices from the Darkness! Slash `Em to Bits, Ragna Blade!
12 The Unexpected End? The Shocking Truth!
13 Impending Fall! The Moment of Ambition`s Defeat!
14 Forbidden dance? Where is the strongest spell?!
15 A Big Crash? The Battle at Artemay Tower!
16 Bitter Curve Balls! Gutsy Fast Balls!
17 They`re Talking about a Girl Named Zelgadis?
18 Temple of sand! The secret of the Giga Slave!
19 Disclosure At Last? Xelloss`s True Form!
20 No Other Choice! Set Course for Dragon Valley!
21 The Thousand Year Old Truth! The Traitorous Demon Dragon King!
22 The Stolen Sword of Light! The End of the Demon Dragon King!
23 The Menacing Swordsman! A Journey of Reunion!
24 Sinister Trap! The Mysterious City of Ghosts!
25 The Souls of the Dead! Lina`s Final Decision!
26 Go to NEXT! And Then Again...
Данное аниме находится в лицензии, и скачать его нельзя.
ENGLISH: This anime is licensed, and was deleted.

Сейчас: 23rd September 2020 - 19:01